Indian Yoga Alliance

Indian Yoga Alliance's Aims and objectives

India has passed a resolution to build a standardized platform of yoga named Indian Yoga Alliance.  As It is the part of Governing Body of Association for Yoga and Meditation.

The main motive of Indian Yoga Alliance is to provide the experienced and qualified yoga teacher’s trainings to the people that can further help to spread knowledge about yoga. There are certain standards that are set by the association in order to promote the teachers teachings and for that we need to maintain the national and international yoga Teacher’s Registry. 

Indian Yoga Alliance also keeps a Registry of Yoga Schools to recognize yoga teacher education programs of 200hrs, 300hrs or 500 hours. We provide personal teachers, schools, ashrams and State yoga federations that train teachers and organize yoga titles. Authorized schools need certainly to follow the Yoga syllabus set by organization and will receive certificates. We enroll both personal yoga teachers and yoga teacher education programs (schools).

In India we have made a mark by organizing various championships at state level. We have also setup yoga association at state level where state associations organize various yoga championships. At state level the association selects six candidates and they further get selected to participate at National yoga championship. At the end the winners of this championship are awarded with merit certificates. The whole championship is handled and organized by national body, the association for yoga and meditation. The motive behind yoga championship is to make people and youth aware about the yoga lifestyle and its culture.

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