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What is yoga?
The concept yoga exercises created up Sanskrit concept Yuj signifies union. Yoga delivers a union or balance between body, soul and mind. In other terms yoga exercises combines annamayakosha, pranamayakosha,anandakosha, vijyanamayakosha and manomayakosha.Whenever a person got harmony or balance at his all koshas they they may recognize inner self.

Usually, yoga exercises are termed as among the six systems of Native Indian Philosophy or Viewpoint (Nagendra, 2008). It researches the conduct and control of thoughts or attention. Yoga is definitely the perspective in which there's no activity of attention and the brain is relaxed, comfortable and relaxing, attention is created up of three aspects namely mind, intelligence and confidence, which is vehicle of statement, attention, aims and the reason and it has three features, knowledge, conation and movement (Iyenger 2007). Naturally Yoga is about independence, freedom from stress and pressures and tensions, illnesses, miseries – and move for positive wellness, resulting in perfect wellness (Nagendra, 2009).Yoga exercises gives the essential skills to recognize the fact or actuality or genuine attention by getting expertise over the brain.

Historical past and Kinds of yoga:
The idea of yoga work out could be followed back again to the ancient civilization, and that is believed to have started in Indian all around 1000 B.C and represents a list of principles, behavior and techniques(Feuerstein 1990). With respect to  the archeologist Gregory Possehl, numerous seals found at Indus Valley Civilizations(3300–1700 B.C.E.) websites, illustrate results in roles similar to a typical yoga work out or meditation existing.  Over the decades the methods of yoga work out progressed into lots of different tracks, Raja yoga work out, Jayana Yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti Yoga, any which may cause to an individual to self-realization.  At present the most popular one is Raja yoga, actually it’s an emotional strategy and features suggestions about conduct, physical postures, work out for respiration and attention and lastly steadying the brain. This technique of yoga work out was officially structured in an itemized type recognized as ‘Yoga Sutra’ created by Patanjali, some time among 200 B. C. and 300 A. D. presently new techniques of actual work out of raja yoga like Hatha Yoga (Gupta,2003), Iyengar Yoga(RIMYI, 2010).Sivananda Yoga work out (Sivananda, Y.T.T.C. 2000), Incorporated Approach of Yoga ((Nagendra, et al.1983), Power Yoga, Astanga Yoga (Jois, K.P. 2000), Vinyasa Yoga  and Hot Yoga (Chodhary, B. 2010), are growing.

Advantages of yoga:
Astanga yoga (Tamini 1961) seventh component is Meditation; many real changes have been authorized on the advantages of Meditation. Relaxation or Meditation lowers the pulse rate, decrease hypertension; decrease cholesterol and cortisole levels. Another research on the cyclic meditations has verified to enhancement on position of memory in comparison with savasana (subramanya, in 2009). Postures or Asanas are the factor of Hatha yoga workouts exercises, strengthens and stretches several muscles of body revealed significant enhancement in flexibility a and agility levels (Bal, 2009) normal practice of the Traditional Yoga is helpful in creating healthy immune system and perfect environment for its doing, which is verified in the research of yoga workouts exercises for HIV/AIDS people (Fairfield, et al 1998). Other style of yoga is Iyengar Yoga has been analyzed for the back pains and discovered that yoga workouts exercises reduces efficient lack of ability, back pain , and depression signs in people with serious low-back irritation (Williams, 2009).

Yoga tones up inner being by eliminating the inner concern like emotional irritation, emotional upsurges or conflicts and lead to highly effective, confident and comfortable point of view. Scientific tests have showed the results of yoga workouts exercises on depression signs, stress, ideas, stress-related conditions (Brown, et al.2005) and serious sleeplessness (Khalsa, 2004). It has been verified that yoga workouts has reduced stress between school students and improve the overall educational performance. So keep doing yoga and remain fit and healthy.

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